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Betway Kenya is trying numerous strategies to attract new clients

There are very few markets where its members dispute their share so fiercely as in the online gambling and casino sector. During recent years thousands of new people have decided to join one of the several existing betting sites, and of course, the exact sportsbook that is chosen by a user depend on several factors.

Some of them include what sport markets they cover, how deep those markets are, how attractive are the sign up bonuses if they are provided, what other forms of entertainment exist besides gambling in sports, whether they offer a Betway mobile app and so on.

This sportsbook review Betway will cover the main aspects of this particular company, which should give a clear picture of how the different services that they advertise to the general public are perceived.

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Examining the betting section in this sportsbook review Betway

Obviously in any advertising campaign companies try to highlight their strong points as much as possible. These are aspects were it can be objectively said that one bookmaker is better than another. In the case of this sportsbook, probably the Betway sports section is one of the most praised services currently being offered.

It allows customers to wager in more than 30 different disciplines. Some examples include ice hockey, motor sports, football, basketball, esports, and many others. But this amount of markets is not the only strong point. It also must be considered how deep those markets are, which means, how many different events are available for betting on those sports.

In this aspect, users of the sports section of Betway Kenya can see that every sport offers the possibility to wager over friendly contests and local semi professional leagues, to tournaments where athletes or teams from all over the planet attempt to become world champions in a certain discipline.

Also, there is a subsection called Betway games today, which is the main screen that can be found in the sports area of the sportsbook, and displays the matches taking place at the moment where this section is being visited. From here it is possible to get direct access to the pre match and live betting options. The company decided to create this subsection because a few months ago the amount of live bets made in a given time period officially surpassed the one of pre match wagers.

Directly through Betway games today it is also possible to see which matches are offering live streamings, which since their implementation have been an instant success for the company.

Get a sign up bonus

Getting started in Betway sports and casino

Of course anyone who wishes to start betting and playing with the bookmaker must create an account. Signing up is something completely free to make, and can be performed from a mobile device through the official Betway ke applications or via its desktop website. For doing this the steps listed below must be followed:

  1. In the Betway Kenya website or apps click over the โ€œregisterโ€ button
  2. Provide all the requested information
  3. Configure the personal preferences shown on screen. They include things such as language, currency, favorite sports and games among other things
  4. Create a username and password
  5. Tick over the checkbox indicating that it is desired to get the sign up bonus. This step is optional. However any new customer from Kenya should know that the company is currently providing up to US$30for spending in the betting section
  6. Read and accept the terms of use
  7. Activate the account with the link sent to the clientโ€™s email address

These easy steps only take a few minutes to complete, and the user will be able to immediately start using all services and features of the company. However, before withdrawing money with any of the available payment methods, it is necessary to validate the identity of the user. To do this, the user must upload an image where a legal document that serves this purpose can be clearly seen. Betway Kenya accepts ID cards, bank statements, utility bills, passports and driverโ€™s license for this purpose.

Get a sign up bonus

How is the Betway ke casino and its other aspects?

The casino can offer literally hundreds of forms of entertainment, with the most popular being the very competitive poker tables, which offer many variations of this game, with each one of them having hundreds of tables with thousands of players at any given time. There is a wide range of stakes, meaning that experienced and novice players can equally enjoy the experience.

Other games include card games, with the most active one being blackjack, and also table games, with the dozens of variants of roulette receiving thousands of visits everyday as well. The slots machines also attract a lot of customers for their simplicity and quickness. All the forms of entertainment mentioned so far can provide the users an opportunity to play for the ultimate prize, which is the Betway Kenya jackpot.

Another aspect that has convinced many people to choose Betway ke over competing companies are the official mobile applications of the bookmaker. Currently they are available for iOS and Android systems, and after reading a lot of opinions in internet, there is no doubt that people who have tried it absolutely love it. Not only because it allows full access to Betway sports, the casino area, and all the other sections of the portal, but also because it works greatly in tablets and smartphones that are not top of the line.

Summarizing this sportsbook review Betway, the company has attempted to use various strategies simultaneously in order to convince people to sign up. There are some obvious ones such as the amount given in the bonuses and the amount of games and sports where it is possible to play and wager.

However, there are other more subtle actions aimed at the same purpose, such as the fantastic mobile applications and the effectiveness of the customer support team. They allow players to feel that they are not only playing some interesting games, but that they are submerged in a full gambling and entertaining experience.Get a sign up bonus

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