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Is really that simple to understand how to use Betway Kenya bonus?

Customers of bookmakers demand mostly two things when dealing with Betway bonuses or promotions given by any other company: quickness when claiming and using them, and also an easy understanding on how to use them and how these bonus codes work.

This sportsbook is offering to its users a wide variety of Betway bonuses. This article will examine some examples of these promotions in order to conclude whether they are easy to use and simple to understand.

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Understanding the Betway bonus terms and conditions

This section intends to tackle the second point mentioned in the introduction of this article. The terms and conditions of the Betway bonuses include all the details that users must know when using them. Reading and understanding them ensures that customers can take full advantage of what they offer, while at the same time comprehending possible limitations and restrictions that the bookmaker put in place to regulate their usage.

While there are many types of Betway Kenya bonus, each one of them with their own benefits and conditions, all their terms usually follow the same structure and indicate the same important aspects.

For example, all Betway bonuses without exceptions, specify an expiration date. Of course this means that after the day indicated in the terms the promotion will no longer be valid and available for being used.

Another point is where a certain promotion can be used. However, most of the time this is pretty evident. For example, the Betway jackpot bonus, which will be treated in detail in a subsequent section, only appears when visiting the casino section. Obviously this immediately indicates that this is not something that works in the sports betting area.

However, there are more subtle ways in those terms that detail how to use Betway bonus. As an example, when examining the sign up promotion given to all new customers, which will also be examined in detail later, there are minimum odds that all bets made with the provided bonus amount must comply.

A conclusion that can be drawn after examining these points, is that while there is a wide offering of free bet opportunities and other bonuses, each one with its own features, they all tend to follow the same structure and treat the same points in their respective Betway bonus terms and conditions. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not necessary to study them in detail. On the contrary, this means that understanding those terms is even more fundamental, as any differences among different promotions may be very subtle.

Get a sign up bonus

First example: the Betway Kenya bonus for newcomers

Right now when accessing the sign up menu of Betway, it is possible to see that one of the things that they advertise is their special bonus for new customers. The most recent information indicates that the company is encouraging people to create an account by offering up to US$30 for in Betway free bet opportunities that can be used anywhere in the sports section. If someone wishes to obtain this welcome offer it is necessary to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Sign up for an account at Betway
  2. When providing the requested information, find and tick the checkbox that states that it is wanted to claim this welcome Betway Kenya bonus
  3. Activate the account by opening the link sent to the email address used when signing up
  4. Add a minimum amount of US$10 to the balance

This sign up bonus works like this: after the new client makes the deposit mentioned in the last step of this guide, the benefit will automatically award a further amount equal to what was deposited. For example, if a new customer decides to add US$14 to his or her cash balance, the bonus will add another US$14 to make a total of US$28.

To put it more simply, this welcome offer duplicates what was added in the original deposit, with a maximum amount of US$30. As always, there are some terms of use associated to the bonus. The most important point indicates that this bonus amount must be used in 5 accumulator gambles. Each one of them must be made of at least three individual bets, and all of them must have odds of 1.40 (equivalent to 2/5) or higher. They can be either live or pre match wagers.

Another point dictates that this bonus can be used within 30 days after making the Betway registration process. Finally, it must be clarified that the bookmaker may decide at any moment to change the conditions mentioned so far. This is another reason why it is essential to become familiar with its respective terms and conditions. In this case, they prevent this bonus from being simply free cash that can be withdrawn immediately.

Get a sign up bonus

Encouraging current members to continue being active: introducing the Betway free bet club

Now a benefit intended at current customers will be detailed. This section will treat the Betway free bet club. This is an instance that all members, no matter how much time they have been customers of the bookmaker, can participate.

It works like this, any member that wagers US$25 within a period of one week will be rewarded the following week with two bonuses of US$5. The first will be given during thursday of this seven week period, while the second one will be given in sunday. Despite the name of this instance, it is not necessary to actually sign up for anything or perform any kind of further action. As soon as the client spends US$25 in any type of wager, he or she will be automatically awarded during the following week.

This amount of US$10 for making Betway free bet can be utilized in any part of the sports betting area. It doesn’t matter if the rewarded customer likes volleyball, tennis, football or MMA, this amount can be used in any discipline. At the time of this article was being written, there were no minimum odds requirements.

Get a sign up bonus

The one that everyone wants to obtain: the Betway jackpot

The two most famous among the Betway bonuses are the aforementioned welcome offer, and its jackpot. This one, as it name suggests, can be exclusively awarded in the casino area.

This benefit works like this, there are some lucky users who will be selected randomly to play for the Betway jackpot Kenya. They will know that they have been chosen because a pop up window is going to open which will mention this fact. When that happens, they will be encouraged to make a few extra plays in the game that they were using at that time. If they get good results in said plays, their potential reward will grow.

There have been many players who have won the Betway jackpot Kenya, and thanks to this, they have earned prizes worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. The more a customer plays in the casino, the higher the chances are that they will be selected to play for this reward. It is because of the high amount that it can give, that the Betway jackpot bonus is by far the most desired promo among all the ones offered by the bookmaker.

In conclusion, Betway is a bookmaker that so far has proven to be well prepared for fighting in the increasingly competitive online betting and casino portals. One of the tools that they have used for this purpose are all the aforementioned bonuses. The fact that even customers from other sportsbooks are familiar with some of the promos given by Betway proves that they are doing the things the proper way.Get a sign up bonus

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