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Currently more people are using the Betway Kenya mobile app than the desktop version

Currently more people use Betway and similar bookmakers from their phone than from computers. This means that the companies need to invest a lot of resources in order to develop a mobile application that can allow to access as many services as possible, from devices that may not be top of the line.

This review intends to examine if the Betway gambling application has managed to achieve this milestone. However, before doing that, there will be step by step guides for explaining how to Betway app download in iOS and Android devices.

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Obtaining the Betway app Kenya in iOS

The current process that needs to be executed for obtaining the Betway mobile app in mobile devices operating with iOS is extremely simple, as the software is available in the AppStore. In this case, the user only needs to have an Apple account that will enable access to this market, and then, it is only necessary to find and install it as it would be done for any other mobile software.

Regarding the system requirements, it is necessary to have iOS 7.0 to Betway app download, this means that the program will work in iPhone 5 or newer, or in any version of the iPad. This is another proof that Betway is taking good care in ensuring that as many players as possible can enjoy their applications.

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What about the Betway apk in Android?

For people who wonder how to install the program in the Google operating systems, here the story is slightly different, because there is no official Android store that distributes the Betway apk. However, it is still possible to obtain its installer directly from the Betway website, in order to do that it is necessary to execute the following steps:

  1. Head on to the webpage of the bookmaker through an internet browser in the mobile gadget where it is intended to download the Betway apk
  2. Scroll down to the downloads section
  3. Tap over the Betway app to begin its download
  4. Execute the apk file after it finishes downloading

At this stage it could happen that the user will experience an error, which indicates that due to the security configuration of the device, it is not possible to obtain software obtained outside of official softwares.

This is something easy to fix. For doing that, the user must go to the configuration menu of the device, and find the option called unknown software. It is most likely that this option will be unchecked when encountering. The user must enable it, and after that, the installation should automatically continue.

The reason why users who want to Betway app download in Android need to undergo this longer procedure is because currently Google Play is not allowing the distribution of applications of online casinos and sportsbooks that involve the use of real money. For this reason, all bookmakers are currently excluded from the Play Store, not just Betway.

Regarding the system requirements, it must be said that the Betway team has done a great job in making their betting application as light as possible without compromising the available features and the overall quality.

Thanks to this, the software will work in any version of Android from 4.1 and later. Also, the device where it is intended to operate must have a screen resolution of at least 320×480. It has been reported by a few users that they were able to make the Betway apk work in Android 4.0. However, in those cases the live features were not available.

Also, users must ensure that their device has enough storage space. The installer has a download size of only 2.5 megabytes. However, the full app will expand to a few tens of megabytes once fully installed. The mobile website is a great alternative in case it is not possible to free up that amount of storage. It will be treated later in this article in more detail.

Many users ask whether the Betway mobile app can work in a certain device. This can be answered by saying that the model or brand of a device doesn’t really matter in this case. As long as a tablet or smartphone complies with the aforementioned system requirements, it should be capable of running the app just fine. After reviewing those system specs, it is pretty evident that it is not necessary to have the most expensive and top of the line smartphone or tablet for using the app.

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Is possible to make a Betway app download in other operating systems?

Unfortunately no other operating systems are supported by the Betway Kenya app. Despite some comments that can be read in internet, currently there is no version of the software for Windows Phone, and considering its relative small market share, it is unlikely that it will be developed anytime soon.

Windows Phone users and people who utilize other operating systems can always access the mobile version of the Betway website. From that place it is possible to access all the features that Betway offers in its desktop website. This means that customers can deposit and withdraw money, bet in all the covered sports (with the same odds found in the desktop version), play all the games available in the casino, and enjoy the live streamings.

It is possible to establish direct comparisons between the Betway mobile app and the mobile website. Both have their pros and cons. For example, the mobile website is much more dependent on a stable internet connection. This is because most web browsers tend to display errors with any website that is being used at the moment that the connection is lost or becomes unstable.

This can be particularly inconvenient when placing a bet or playing a game, as any loss of connectivity will most likely mean that any progress achieved so far will be lost. This doesn’t happen with the Betway app. In case the internet connection is lost while using that platform, it will be able to keep whatever progress was achieved at that moment, and normally resume the game or service that was being used at that moment.

However, the advantage of the Betway mobile website is that it doesn’t require any additional download, of course apart of having a mobile web browser. This can be quite convenient if an user is struggling with the internal storage available in his or her device. Also it must be said that the page works with all the most popular internet browsers currently available.

When considering the aforementioned stability factor, it is recommended to download the Betway mobile app whenever possible, as it is capable of delivering a more smooth experience, as it doesn’t depend on how a particular web browser is working.

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Conclusions after trying the Betway Kenya mobile app

When testing the Betway Kenya app it was possible to see that every feature available in the desktop website of the bookmaker could be utilized from the mobile platform. However, a positive aspect is that the software is not a simple replicator, it is a program that has been carefully adapted in order to provide all the Betway experience in as many smartphones and tablets as possible.

The interface is very pleasant to use, and it was even possible to perfectly Betway app download and utilize it in gadgets that comply with the absolute minimum system requirements. This means that the company has taken good care in offering to its customers one of the best bookmaker apps currently available. It also has encouraged new members to join.Get a sign up bonus

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